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Pantry staples—flour, sugar, and coffee—might seem the most obvious of contents with which to fill a Small Royal Check Canister, but the possibilities are endless! Keep it in the kitchen with coffee beans and tea bags, cookies and candies, or dog biscuits and birdseed—or invent new uses around the house. Each enameled steel canister is hand-painted with color-dragged checks in a range of blue hues and topped with an elegant blue glass knob. Because each piece of Royal Check reflects the artisan’s hand, no two are exactly alike, although they all work together in perfect harmony.

Royal Check Canister Small

  • Dimensions

    5" dia., 4.75" tall (7.5" tall with lid), 38 oz. capacity


    Heavy-gauge, hand-glazed steel underbody with hand-painted Royal Checks, rimmed in bronzed stainless steel. Brass and glass accents. Silicone seal inside lid. Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Imported.

    Care and Use

    Hand-wash with mild soap and dry immediately. Our enamelware exceeds both federal food safety regulations and California's Proposition 65, the strictest environmental safety standards in the U.S. Handle enamelware with care, and discontinue use for food service if it becomes chipped, cracked or broken.

    Handcrafted Elements

    The Royal Check pattern is composed of a range of blue hues that reflect the blues in nature that we see at our rural Upstate New York farm, from the blue skies overhead to the ever-changing blue waters of nearby Cayuga Lake. Additional depth and color are added to the pattern with subtle, jewel-tone highlights that are dragged through the blue checks.

    No two pieces of Royal Check are exactly alike, because each is an original, hand-painted work of art that is lovingly created by our talented artists.

    Like the blues found in nature, there are variations in the blues of Royal Check, which come from the formulation and consistency of the paint, as well as the number of strokes that create each check. All of this means that while no two pieces of Royal Check are exactly alike, they all work together in perfect harmony.


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