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our Story

       In August 1992 we moved our family to Naples and began new careers in retail.  Dave’s financial and marketing experience gave him the confidence and desire to run his own business and start a new life for his family in beautiful Naples Florida.  We attended trade shows together in NY and California, and visited the MacKenzie-Child’s store in NY where we saw an exciting opportunity to go forward very aggressively in the entire line of hand made pottery, glassware, furniture and accessories.  

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       This proved to be a great decision since we quickly became one of the largest independent retailers in the country for Mackenzie-Child’s.  Victoria And Richard MacKenzie Childs, the creators of the line, came to Zazou  several times for signings and we stayed at their farmhouse in Aurora, NY when we visited the operation to witness their team of artisans in action. We have worked as a team with Dave responsible for all of the financial aspects of our stores and Beverley being the buyer of all clothing and housewares. 

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